Welcome to TaylorQuinn!

Thanks for joining me on this forever pivoting and evolving adventure!

Mission: To Create Unique and Interactive Experiences through Flowers!

I don’t want to sell you flowers for a wedding.

I want to design an EXPERIENCE around YOUR Love Story.

I would like you to sit still.


Really THINK/ENVISION your life.

Think about the IMPACT.

You will (hopefully) only be doing this once, make the VERY most of it!

Allow me to lead you through my vision of what a wedding represents!

The altar, arch, or arbor is where you are committing your lives as one; its sacred, emotional, and true. This is the time you’d want to make the backdrop as special as you two are, that reflects your relationship. When you look back or share your photos it has less meaning and pizzaz without a physical celebration behind you!

The head table represents the people who brought you together, supported you individually as well as coupled. They’ve helped mold who your relationship is; listened, cried, stayed up late, went out with, and supported you, essentially extended family. Accurately represent them with an interactive celebration of flowers!

The audience, the guests. The people you want to witness your forever life commitment, this life celebration of two becoming one. Most would clutter the table with all the things for decor, getting lost amongst the chaos. (have you ever been to a wedding that you couldn’t see the table you were sitting at? that chaos). This is when simplifying is more! Create more experience, interest, and impact with installations, interactive backdrops, or suspended centerpieces to WOW them with you union!

The reception, the PARTY, the reason everyone comes! I urge you to STOP worrying about what is accepted or normal and do whatever makes you come alive! You don’t have to ‘stick to tradition’ to be loved and welcomed as a couple. Do all the things that will light you up the rest of your life when you speak about your wedding. Again, this is only something you are doing once so PLEASE do it with NO REGRETS!

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